Don’t Eat the Meatloaf!

Meatloaf is certainly one of the great American comfort foods and one that most of us have enjoyed at one time or another. But why do we eat comfort foods to begin with? Well each person is different but the underlying reason I believe is the same, it is to comfort us, hence the name comfort food. But do we really want to look to food to ease our problems and comfort us? Sadly for some their answer is yes. People eating their troubles away are just as common as an alcoholic drinking their problems away.
The problem with that strategy is that the comfort we receive is short lived. We also find that eating or drinking our problems away does not address the root of the problems we’re having and therefore leaves us vulnerable to have the same situation happen to us again and again.
When a decision is made to treat the symptom and not the cause we find ourselves forgetting about determining the root of the problem and instead we take the easiest way out and “eat the meatloaf”.
There are a good number of people that could get themselves off prescription medications and save a lot of money simply by eating better and having some form of exercise as part of their daily life. Yes it requires an effort on our part but the rewards make it well worth the extra effort.
If you have not yet noticed we are entering into the age of self-accountability. WE are going to have to be responsible for maintaining good health or we WILL pay the consequences for not doing so such as:

  • Paying higher healthcare insurance premiums.
  • Paying increased prescription medication costs.
  • May affect our ability to retire from work.

     Yes our ability to retire from work! I have seen more folks that have had to go back in to the work place in order to get healthcare coverage from an employer because they could not afford to purchase it on their own.
Unfortunately,most folks don’t take this into consideration because they have no idea just how expensive it is going to be.
Make the decision today to live your life in the state of “Total Wellness”, start to live life on your own terms. It will taste better than any meatloaf you’ve ever had and the comfort you receive will be eternal.

My choice; my responsibility; win or lose, only I hold the keys to my destiny.

-Elain Maxwell



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